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Inspirational Music. What Inspires Me as a Musician

What Inspirational Music Inspires Me?

Music can be a powerful force. It can uplift you in the moments and put a smile on your face when you wouldn’t be inclined to do otherwise. Musicians often get inspirational music from each other through their music and creativity. Concerts and a one-man-band focus inspire me as a musician. And it all started for me as an adolescent.

The Music Journey

Back in high school, I bought my first guitar at age thirteen. It was a black Les Paul electric guitar, which I still use today. I got a good deal through my uncle in Prince Rupert. Around the time I got my guitar, I got heavily into listening to various rock, metal and punk bands. Throughout my adolescence, I used creativity as an outlet. Music was a good outlet. Creativity came pretty easy to me as I created art at a very young age. I first took lessons with my dad at first. Then after I progressed, I started to learn tab and teach myself songs. I got involved in a couple of bands in high school and always went to the local punk shows. I went to quite a few concerts with my family too, ranging from Santana, U2 and Dweasel Zappa.

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Once I was out of high school, I attended numerous concerts that varied between rock, metal and acoustic disciplines. The bands that inspired me were too many to name. Some examples were CKY, HIM, Mad Caddies, AFI, Living End, System of Down, and more. So much more. I liked bands with very catchy and intricate melodies that strayed from the societal norm of music. Pop and rap, which dominated the music industries at the time, is what I wasn’t into. The more instruments the better, in my opinion. Concerts gave me that extra inspiration whenever I needed it. I could emulate what they were doing. But change it in a way that makes my sound unique.

Inspirational Music Changes

When I went to Europe at eighteen years old, I got drawn to many different styles of music. There I got into buskers and street musicians, as there were many. I saw folk, Celtic, Spanish and Italian buskers. It opened my eyes to how talented these performers were. What interested me most were one-man-bands. Namely, musicians that could play multiple instruments simultaneously and have impeccable rhythm and flow. I wanted to do that. And those artists like Luca Stricagnoli, Shashank Verma, Alexandr Misko, and 40 Fingers inspire me in that way.

Throughout my life, I could call on my creative outlets for support. If I am ever down or need a place to get away from it all, it would be there for me. Concerts gave me that good energy and inspiration on where I’d like to change my music in some way. Unfortunately, due to covid, those went to the wayside. Perhaps someday in the future, I can go to them again. One of my dreams is to play multiple instruments simultaneously and be a busker myself. I need to work on that rhythm. One day perhaps, life is long!