Jamie Geche


Jamie Geche

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Musician & One Man Band

Jamie Geche

Jamie is an instrumentalist and self-proclaimed one-man-band currently based in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. He enjoys experimenting with various musical instruments. Predominantly, he plays string instruments and bass guitar; but likes to meld foot drums into his songs as well.

His acoustic influences include Luca Stricagnoli, Shashank Verma, Alexandr Misko, and 40 Fingers. His electric influences include rock and metals acts such as AFI, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, System of a Down, Tool and much more. Jamie strives to bring a unique sound to the masses.

One Man Band brown les paul on white background
Jamie Riff’s first guitar, the Epiphone Les Paul

Musical Journey

In high school, Jamie joined a couple of bands during his adolescence. He enjoyed playing guitar with his fellow friends and even played a few concerts. When he was eighteen, he ventured to Europe and saw numerous musical acts. These included street performers; they gave him a passion for musicians who played multiple instruments simultaneously. Those four months of travelling to twenty-five different countries opened his eyes to some very different styles of music.

Once in Canada, Jamie devoted his off time tooling his musical craft and experimented with any musical instrument he could. He bought and played plenty of musical instruments, which included acoustic, bass, electric, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, ukelele, electronic drums, foot drums and much more. Nowadays, he strives to meld different musical tastes and instruments together into songs to create one-of-a-kind tracks and cover songs. Being a versatile one-man band is what he strives to become. 

Humble Beginnings

Jamie Geche was born in Vancouver, BC, and moved to Squamish when he was ten years old, where he lived for his adolescence. His uncle gave him his first guitar as a gift when he was thirteen. It was an Epiphone Les Paul which he still uses to this day. Ever since he picked up that guitar he loved playing it. He took lessons with his dad in the early stages of his musical journey and enjoyed it. Like most creative outlets, he picked things up quickly. Jamie truly loves music in general and believes music can get people out of the hardest emotional situations.

During high school and early adulthood, he attended numerous concerts, local punk and metal shows and any other musical events he could attend. Jamie loved to get inspired by musicians, which gave him the aspiration to get better at his craft. He attended way too many concerts to name, but they mostly had punk, rock, metal and acoustic influences.

vancouver granville street view
He spent many nights in the downtown vancouver music scene
concert scene black and white
The european music scene expanded his musical tastes and concerts inspired him
white start, a couple acoustics and keyboard in one man band apartment

Check out the Instruments

Jamie Riffs has accumulated many different instruments over the course of his musical tenure. Check out all his instruments in their glory right here.

one man band guitarist strumming acoustic guitar

Music to Get You Revved

Ready to enjoy the one-of-a-kind music of Jamie Riffs? He dabbles with many instruments and tastes. A one-man band not to miss.